SXSW Gaming Awards Opening Sequence




This project was the first in a 3 year long collaboration with SXSW Gaming. We were looking to create a piece that would tell the history of video games through abstract visuals and audio clues. Playing a sort of game with the audience, asking them to use their gaming experiences to connect the dots.

Initial design frames were animated in After Effect and C4D. We then went through the process of filming our animations off real screens from different eras to help represent the evolution of gaming. Starting with a black and white CRT, moving to a color CRT, and ultimately on an LCD panel.

All the detail and luminous texture from actual screens added a unique look that we could never have achieved with an after effects plugin.

Produced by:

Imaginary Forces

Executive Producer:

Gabriel Marquez


Jon Hassell

Creative Director:

Jeremy Cox


Max Strizich, Kris Fortin

2D Animators:

Sekani Solomon, Hayato Yamane, Henry Chang


Zach Kilroy

Additional Editor:

Nate Buchik

Sound Design:

Zach Kilroy

Designer Animator | Brooklyn, NY